8 Sex Positions to try with Chennai escort

Like every human need sleep and food at regular intervals, same way after a certain age people need good sex. The best thing is that there are many sex positions like ice cream flavors. For example, we need food but don’t like the same food daily.

Every person is different so, their taste for sex. Few people like soft and light sex but others like raw and hard sex. I have explained a few types of sex positions for the people who want to add a little spice to their sexual life. Our Chennai escort girls are well trained and master of sex.

Our Chennai escort agency provides multiple types of sex services and various types of call girls with partners as mentioned below.

Cowgirl sex position

A cowgirl sex position​ is one of the most popular sex positions, but many women are not comfortable on top. The cowgirl sex position is two types one is regular position and reverse cowgirl position. If you are Amature and trying this position today then try both ways and check which is the most comfortable for you.

Reversed cowgirl position

In this gesture, the male partner will be asleep, and the female partner will sit on the knees of the male partner, with his legs on both sides of his waist. The male partner’s knee will be half-wrapped. The female partner can use the man’s knee as a way to get in the way of intercourse.

Cowgirl position

It’s just opposite to the reversed cowgirl position. This is a good gesture for men who are overweight. Here also, the male companion will lie down, and the female partner will sit on his face with his feet on both sides of his waist. It is not desirable to have a female partner underweight or an average.

In short, you can learn and apply these sex positions to our Chennai escort models and make your life happy and energetic.

Legs above the shoulders sex position

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Oral sex: knees to chest sex position

Everyone must-try this sex position! The position allows the woman to feel exposed and the male partner gets the opportunity to be in a comprehensive regulator. The male partner sits on his knees and spreads his hips apart. The woman lies on her back in front of him, spreading her legs bent at the knees. The partner lifts her buttocks with her hands and helps the lady to rest her hips on his shoulders. She closes her feet together on his back. The Superhero is a position that gives the man full access to the girl’s fun parts. The male partner can use his hands and mouth to perform the best oral sex.

Sitting face-to-face sex position

A very simple sex position where a woman has control over the whole process and can enjoy orgasm as she wishes and time. In this sex position, the man sits on the chair and the woman sits on his lap. Another version of Oman on Top is this position. Time is short but the desire to do an intercourse is not necessary for such a situation.

Spooning sex position

This is a great position to try in the morning, Spooning sex positions originates from the spoon. In this style, the female and male partner will be hooked with this gesture, like a cuddle.

A couple not only likes to express their love to each other but also for sex. Spooning sex positions is a very popular choice to do intercourse. In this way, male partners easily find G-Spot.

 Here male partners should be on the back of the female partners, during intercourse.

Oral sex: 69 position

The Sixty-nine position is a classic sex position. This position is not meant for intercourse but very famous because it carries sexual pleasure. It is an oral sex type and those who like oral sex before intercourse understands the importance of this sex position very well.

Here male and female partners suck and lick each other’s sexual organs and make a formation like 69.