A Few Questions to Ask an Escort!

A Few Questions to Ask an Escort!


December 13, 2022

Are you planning to hire an escort for the first time in Chennai?

If your answer is positive, then you may not be the only person who may be searching for a sex worker or even a call girl. If you are a resident of Chennai or you are planning to reach Chennai on a trip, then you must be very particular about maintaining all the safety parameters. You may or may not be aware of the fact that the Chennai Escort Girls often suffer from sexually transmitted diseases. These diseases are very critical and you may face the threat if you involve in unsafe sex!

To ensure the safest sex, you must ask a few questions that can bring you the right information that you must know before you hire a particular Chennai Escort. Here are a few questions that you cannot ignore:

  • How old are you and how long have you been involved in this business?
  • Are you involved in this service willingly?
  • Is anyone pressurizing you to get into this profession of lending your body?
  • Are you perfectly healthy or suffering from any sexually transmitted diseases? Is the agency aware of all your health issues?
  • Are you ready to adopt and follow all the procedures for safe sex? Do you have any objection if your customers use condoms?
  • Do you also use contraceptives or other measures to avoid sexual diseases?
  • Are you open to traveling with your customers if they are not willing to involve in a sexual relationship at your place? Does your agency allow you to travel with the clients to some other places?
  • How do you like to get paid for your sexual services? Do your customers need to pay the charges in advance?

When you search for the best among the most beautiful Chennai Escorts for the first time, then you must prefer asking these questions to the escort agency before you look for the company of the best call girl in Chennai. Your search can always be neutral and be based on the reality that you would find out when you continue the search for the best Chennai Escort!