A Perfect Roleplay Act to Have Fun

Friends in the Bedroom: A Perfect Roleplay Act to Have Fun!


April 15, 2024

Most men admire roleplays in the bedroom to pour a kinky flavor into their sex lives.

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My experience was phenomenal when I chose a call girl from the leading escort service in Chennai.

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When Besties Are in Love: From Café to the Bedroom!

While booking my call girl in Chennai, I preferred the call girl specializing in roleplays.

The escort service in Chennai kept their promise and offered me the perfect girl as my preference.

So, the topic of my roleplay was “Friends in the Bedroom.”

We didn’t decide on our plot and planned to move with the flow.

I made all the preparations beforehand. The dining room was decorated on the theme of a café.

So, we sat there and talked openly, just like besties. After some time, I took out an imaginary ring and proposed to my best friend.

The call girl accepted my proposal, and we turned into the love birds.

She was shying out of happiness.

After having dinner, we moved to the bedroom to make our special day memorable.

It was our first time, so we both felt quite shy.

So, we decided to have some naughty fun, like a pillow fight.

We played, laughed, and threw pillows at each other, during which we started staring lovingly at each other.

That was the moment of true love.

We came closer and felt each other’s heavy breaths.

Our lips were close to each other, and after some seconds, we kissed. The kiss was quite subtle and sensual.

We both moved with the flow and started kissing each other passionately.

We kept removing our clothes during our ultimate kissing session. The girl was a virgin. So, before moving on to the final step, perfect foreplay was very essential to make her wet.

So, I started with the nipples play.

The sexy soft boobs and black and pink nipples of the girl made my dick hard.

Kissing, licking, and sucking the nipples was my need now.

The call girl was feeling amazing when I was kissing and biting her nipples with lighter teeth.

I slowly went down and started teasing her pussy.

The cunt of the escort was totally wet.

I slowly and gently licked her juices and kissed her clit to arouse her.

The girl now wanted to get fucked hard. She begged me, “Please put your hard dick inside my pussy; I want it badly, honey; please fuck me, please.”

Her words made me hornier, and I started rubbing my dick on her clitoris. The girl lifted her butt out of the excitement and started humping my cock slowly.

I understood her feelings and slowly inserted my penis in her vagina.

“Ah, it’s paining, oooh, slow honey, slow,” the girl moaned.

The call girl playing my best friend’s role was, too, a virgin. So, I took care of it and started slowly.

After some time, my whole penis went inside her vagina, and I stopped.

In a few seconds, the girl started grinding my dick by moving her butt. This was the time when she wanted me to penetrate.

So, I asked her in a seductive tone, “Do you want me to penetrate you”? “Are you comfortable”?

The girl answered yes, and then I initiated the process of moving my dick back and forth.

Earlier, it was slow, but after some time, I gained momentum and fucked her hard.

Both of us had a fantastic orgasm.

I helped the girl after the play, as her cunt was bleeding.

As I booked the girl for a whole night, I made her comfortable by making her sleep in my arms.

The girl felt fully energetic in the morning, and we had immense fun again.

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