Becoming a Submissive Male

Becoming a Submissive Male is Fun: How to Do It?


May 13, 2024

Generally, men hire a Chennai escort and fuck her hard.

A dominant male usually does so.

But have you ever thought of getting sexual pleasure out of becoming a submissive in bed?

It’s really fun.

Read this blog and gain a better understanding of experiencing real sexual pleasure.

You will love it. Keep reading the blog for perfect know-how.

Ride my Horse and Fulfill My Nasty Desires, Babe!

It’s not just a masculine’s responsibility to take charge in the bedroom and satisfy his girl.

If you hire a dominant call girl in Chennai, you can experience how a girl can take control and make you feel amazing.

Let’s know how you can become a successful submissive in bed.

  • Communicate Effectively

For say, you hired a Chennai escort and wanted her to play dominant. So, you should communicate with her properly and discuss your tastes, preferences, and boundaries.

All this information will help a call girl in Chennai to offer you great pleasure and comfortably showcase her dominant skills.

  • Build a Sense of Trust

Talk to the Chennai escort before rushing into the sexual regime. A sense of trust is very important to become a perfect submissive in bed. As a client, you should be sure your partner can play the best dominant role and quench your deep desires flawlessly.

  • Verbal Commands are Important

Giving control to your partner is the best in submission. But, if you make verbal commands during the sex regime, it can help you and your partner be in the momentum and get more pleasure out of it.

For say, ask the call girl in Chennai to tie you to the bedpost or take your penis deeper into her vagina. Some simple but sexy instructions like this will take you to another level of achieving ultimate orgasms as well.

  • Spice it Up with a Role-Play Act

As a part of BDSM, submissive and dominant both can get into a roleplay to experience more excitement and pleasure.

Create a scenario, and act accordingly. For example, the submissive can be a thief, while the Chennai escort can become police for a better submissive-dominant experience.

  • Sensory Play is the Best!

To enhance excitement and sexual pleasure, sensory acts like earplugs or blindfolding offer the submissive a better experience. Massage oils, feather ticklers, and temperature play can be a part of sensory play and can give both partners the best sexual experience ever!

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to play a submissive, connect with ChennaiQueens and hire dominant female escorts to have great fun and gain ultimate pleasure at a budget-friendly cost now!