Best Roleplay Ever

You Become a Doctor & I’ll Be Your Patient: Best Roleplay Ever!


May 3, 2024

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Today, we will take you on the sexiest journey, where you will be introduced to a horny doctor and a seductive patient.

So, let’s read, and don’t forget to imagine the scenario; you might be the next playing this role.

Let’s Go Naughty: Patient No. 69!

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So, in this act, the man is a doctor while the call girl is playing the patient’s role. Note that the doctor is a gynecologist.

Doctor: Next patient, please!

The Assistant called the next patient, “Patient No. 69”.

The patient knocked on the door, and the doctor asked her to be seated.

Chennai call girl seductively looked at the doctor and started discussing her problem. The patient wore a white women’s t-shirt; the above two buttons are open, and the cleavage is visible.

The patient tells the doctor about her vaginal discharge. The doctor was feeling a bit horny and was continuously staring at her cleavage. The doctor listened to her problem and asked her to remove her pants and panties for a checkup.

The doctor then visited the checkup area and asked the patient to spread her legs so that the vagina could be visible to him. She did the same. The doctor analyzed the area and found nothing.

So, the doctor advised him to indulge in sexual activities. The girl told the doctor she didn’t have a boyfriend, as she had a recent breakup.

The doctor understood the issue and asked her to masturbate after reaching home. But the doctor was feeling horny.

Suddenly, she asked the girl about her grown-up pubes.

Doctor: The checkup is still not over due to your grown-up pubic hairs; let me shave it.

The doctor shaved her pubic hair, and this made the best Chennai call girlhorny. She wanted to seduce the doctor now. So, she made a perfect plan in her mind after the checkup was over.

The girl put on the curtains of the area after the doctor left. But there was a space left open between the curtains. The area was congested, so the girl bent down while removing her pants and panties. Her busty ass was coming out of the open space of the curtains.

The doc was continuously staring at her butts, and now the time came when he opened up his pants and started penetrating her ass with his big black cock.

The patient started playing with her clit and boobs while the doc was fucking her ass. The doctor put both of his hands inside the curtains, pressed her big boobies, and teased her nipples while perfect anal sex.

The patient felt amazing and cherished by the success of her plan, and both of them ended the roleplay after having full-fledged sex with multiple orgasms.


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