What are we looking for in a guest post article?


We do not publish content that has already been published somewhere else. Google doesn’t like duplicate content, and we don’t like being your second choice.


We’re looking for well-researched, in-depth articles that are at least 1500 words long. The articles that do best are usually at least 2000 words long. We want more of them.

Actionable tips

We want practical tips and takeaways that our readers can put to work. That being said, use theory, research, and science for supporting your claims and making your article more comprehensive. Always add links to reputable sources that back up what you’re saying.

Real-life examples

Share your experience and use examples to help readers better understand the topic. In most cases, it’ll be your experience and unique standpoint that will add the most significant value to your article.

Logical structure

Would you please pay attention to the structure and make sure it’s easy to follow your flow of thought? Every article should consist of an introduction, body, and conclusion. When writing, always explain why you mention a specific idea or concept and how it helps answer the question proposed in the headline.

Reader-friendly formatting

We’re looking for articles that are easy to scan through – short paragraphs, clear headlines, sub-headlines, bullet lists, images, etc. The reader should learn the main takeaways in the best-case scenario by only reading headlines.

Proper grammar

Use Grammarly (it’s free!), ask a friend, or hire a freelance proofreader to edit your article before submitting it to us.