Cuddling and Foreplay

Cuddling and Foreplay: The Most Sensual Acts Ever!


March 4, 2024

Do you feel good sleeping in the spooning position? Are you crazy about having foreplay with the sexy Chennai escorts? Do you find dry humping satisfying?

If yes, then you find cuddling and foreplay most sensual acts.

Did you ever think of hiring a call girl in Chennai to experience sweet cuddles and mind-blowing foreplay?

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Rub Your Dick on My Clit, and Bite My Tits!

Hey folks, I have a story for you all. It’s not just a story; it’s my real-life experience that you will love to read.

So, continue reading my experience and enjoy it to the fullest.

Recently, I hired a call girl from the best escort service in Chennai.

I wanted to have some cuddling and foreplay regime with the sexy female escort. So, we moved towards the same.

Staying nude gives more pleasure when it comes to pre-sex acts.

So, we both turned nude and lay down in the bed. White bedsheets and blankets were making me feel horny.

I got inside the blanket with the call girl and asked her to lie on the other side facing reverse.

Then, I grabbed her from her belly and pulled her towards me. Her butts were touching my penis. My dick was getting erect, and I was kissing her earlobes quite subtly.

My whispering voice was echoing in her ears, and my nasty words were making her feel excited. I was saying, “You are such a sexy bitch. Are you wet? Do you want my big black cock inside your pussy? I love your sexy butts; it seems like a pillow to me; let’s play hard, baby”.

My sentences were like heaven to earth for her, and she replied to each of my questions in a low sound, as if she could not speak out of seductiveness.

Then, I gave numerous hickeys on her neck and started teasing her tits.

The tits of the sexy female escort turned hard, and she wanted me to suck them.

So, I turned the girl and climbed upon her, and sucked the boobs hard. The boobs of the call girl in Chennai turned red, and love bite marks were showing up clearly on her boobs.

However, I planned to have a perfect foreplay session, but after having incredible tits play, I wanted to fuck her.

So, I spread her legs and inserted my penis into her cunt, and started fucking her like anything. The girl was moaning and screaming out of pleasure with pain, but I did not stop until both of us got a powerful orgasm.

I asked her to pee on me, and I did the same to her, and we enjoyed well.

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