Dealing with a Virgin Call Girl? You Better Take Care!


October 10, 2023

Every man loves having sex with a Virgin. Tight pussy, erect nipples, and moans of pain make a man horny. Do you like a virgin Chennai Escorts to enjoy at the fullest?

Initiating a sexual act with a virgin is daunting, but it gives a mind-blowing pleasure to a man. A man should stay cautious while initiating the sexual regime with a virgin.

So, here are some essential details that should be taken care of for having great sex with a virgin call girl in Chennai.

Yeah! It Bleeds! Do It Slowly! Ah!

When you have the virgin girl from the best Chennai Escort Agency, you will be allured by her sweetness and beauty.

An inexperienced girl can sometimes give you more pleasure than an experienced one.

So, what to do?

  • Get Her to a Cozy and Comfortable Place

Booking a room to call a sexy escort is a great idea, but you must make her comfortable when she is a virgin. Dim lights with a perfect fragrance in the room will make her feel comfortable with you.

Act like gentlemen, although you are there to fuck her. Don’t rush; give her some time to settle.

  • Start with a Kiss

A kiss is the best to let her dive into the pleasurable moments with you. Kiss her on her lips, neck, earlobes, and then slowly strip off her upper clothes.

  • Tease her Nipples

Nipples are the best part to make a girl wet, so start rubbing her nipples lightly and press her boobs. Give a gentle treatment to her, and let her taste the flavor of seductiveness.

  • Lick her Body

Kiss the armpits, take her perky boobs in your mouth, lick her naval, and make her experience the pleasure of heaven on earth.

  • Oral is Essential

When the escort is a virgin, then you should fuck her after entirely making her wet. Making her seduced beforehand will help her take your dick in without much pain.

So, oral sex is a must. Lick her clit, and finger her pussy gently. Slowly insert your middle finger inside her vagina, and let her used to get a big cock inside her.

  • Missionary Position is the Safest

If it’s her first time, go for missionary in your first round. Lay down on her and spread her legs.

Ask her to hold your dick and put it inside her pussy. Don’t hit her hard, let her set your dick quite comfortably in her pussy, and then you can begin the play.

Insert it slowly, and don’t penetrate harder for a few seconds. You can start speeding up when she becomes comfortable with two or three slow hits.

Bleeding may happen for the very first time.

Take your time for another round, and go for the doggy style now.


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