Hickey: Tips for Giving Love Bite to Her While Having Sex


January 4, 2024

A hickey or love bite is a sexual glow that is given by your sexual partner when he is in the moment. A hickey or love bite is a short bruise that is done by sucking on your sexual partner’s skin, which breaks the blood vessels underneath. This is a sign which shows that both people are having an intense sexual time. If you want to give a perfect hickey or fulfill your sexual fantasies to young college girls, then Chennai Escort is just the place for you.

You’re in a peaceful area with her, exploring sexual adventure, but you’re not sure where to begin. Then, as she approaches you and takes the initiative, she says, “I like to be your snack.” Exciting, huh? All of a sudden, she began kissing you and touching every part of you, particularly your penis. She then undresses both of you and herself and in an instant, she gives you a passionate blowout. Give her a love bite on her neck or breast in addition to giving her lots of kisses all over their body. We may offer you advice on how to give her a hickey to assist you.

Effective Way to Give Love Bite to Her 

Focus on neck

The traditional location for a hickey is around the neck. However, any place on the body with soft skin can receive a hickey. On the inside of the arm or inner thigh, some persons give a hickey. He might leave a hickey on your breasts, or you could concentrate on his chest. Add some nipple play to it. Want to play with some big boobs, then Chennai Escort Service can give you the perfect female escorts who can satisfy your desire.

Diversify your attention 

There are other areas you should be aware of besides your neck. Keeping people guessing is the secret to a nice hickey. They ought never to be aware of the precise location of the hickey. Therefore, give them lots of kisses to diversify your focus. Proceed from their mouth to their ears, neck, collarbone, and even lower. Getting in the mood for anything more than merely a hickey is the goal.

Create some tension 

Avoid diving straight for the neck. After kissing for a while, extend your lips to the nape of the neck. Before making the hickey, begin with soft kisses and small nibbles on the neck and earlobes.

Suck it harder 

You’ll want to start sucking harder to make the hickey. Put a bit of his skin on your lips. The hickey will begin to take shape. Continue doing this for at least 30 seconds. You need to suck hard and long to get a giant hickey.

Kiss and suck at the same time 

In actuality, this is where the enjoyment is involved. They won’t be able to know when you’re giving them the hickey because you’ll be sucking and kissing at the same time. It’s not your sole intention to leave them with a black mark. Taking care of their other needs is also essential if you want them to enjoy the event. To make various body areas feel especially pleasant while you work, you can also use your hands to caress them.

These are some of the ways that help you to give her a hickey when you both are having sex.