Incredible Positions You’ll Love to Have with Call Girls


August 24, 2023

Sex is a perfect way to make yourself feel relaxed and cherished. Do you know about call girls? Have you ever hired them?

Many men look for the best Chennai Escorts to have great pleasure in bed, and that’s fine.  Going to an escort service is always a good idea to calm your physical quench.

Chennai Escort Services is an enticing platform where you can easily get hot and sexy girls to satisfy your sexual needs. Escorts have a great experience and know-how about sex positions. So, do you want to know about it?

Let’s get deep into the blog and understand the alluring positions that escorts perform to make you feel more pleasurable in bed.

Sexy Sex Positions You Must Demand Your Girl!

Being horny is the tendency of a human being, and when you’re a man, the feeling can’t be controlled easily. To make your night even more enjoyable, let us explore some brilliant sex positions.

  • The Butterfly

The sexiest position ever is the butterfly position. In this position, the girl is laid down with her hips on the edge of the bed. The man lifts her butt and puts a pillow beneath her hips. The legs of the girl are on the man’s shoulder, and the journey to the best penetration may start now. The butterfly is truly a fantastic sex position; one must try.

  • Woman-On-Top

Many escorts are bold and daring, and most men like it. So, those who want bold sex with an escort usually want her on the top. The girl sits over the man, puts his dick inside her vagina, and starts moving back and forth to give him intense pleasure. The position goes best for the man who is heavier than the woman. The woman in the top position is the best sex position for submissive men.

  • 69 Position

In love with oral sex? Try 69 with the sexy escort girls. The position is quite interesting to experience if you’re a pussy lover. The man and woman remain in the inverted positions. In the 69-sex position, the man licks the pussy, whereas the woman sucks the dick simultaneously and enjoys the pleasure together. Escorts are the best cock-suckers. Try once if you haven’t yet tried.


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