safe sex in this pandemic

Are you looking for safe sex in this pandemic?


July 24, 2020

Are you an escort lover and looking for safe sex in this pandemic? Then no need to worry! We have brought the erotic solution for those who want to fill some thrill to their bored lock-down life. Today the world is suffering due to the Coronavirus and going through a pandemic. The government has taken many measures, but the death toll is still increasing and simultaneously lock-down.

The government has completely locked down the public places where public gathering happens. Many jobs have been affected, becoming a big challenge for everyone. So, the government is now applying an intelligent lock-down. In an intelligent lock-down, people can go for the job to do their activities, but they have to take security measures. For example, an individual has to maintain social distance, wear a mask, and, if possible, use the face shield.

We can understand that people are at home feeling bored. They are missing the freshness and thrilling in their life. So, for you only, we have resumed our Chennai escort service to provide you with safe sex but with precautions. We know what the situation is and how to handle it. Our call girls have been trained enough to handle the situation.

Looking for safe sex in this pandemic? then know how you can fulfill your physical desire?

If you are looking for safe sex in this pandemic? Then contact us because we have all the answers and solutions. We have also taken care of the Chennai escort lovers in this challenging situation. Therefore we have brought exclusive sexual services looking for safe sex in this pandemic.

Our Chennai escort agency takes many types of precautions advised by doctors and scientists. Few main points I have mentioned below, so now you can confidently book an escort service in Chennai and enjoy safe sex.

  • We are doing the complete inspection and routine check-up of all call girls.
  • Our escort models generally don’t travel to public places but if a situation occurs, they maintain the proper protection and hygiene.
  • We made it mandatory to sanitize hands every 30 minutes or when you are touching something.
  • We are providing our cab service to drop and pickup.
  • We have our recommendations and guidelines to book our escort service in Chennai and before booking (payment) we take their acceptance.
  • Our call girl carries the heat-gun to check the body temperature and if the client’s body temperature is high immediately booking will be canceled. In this situation, we will not refund the money but we will deduct the same amount on your next booking.
  • During this pandemic (Covid-19) situation, we book only 5 star rated hotels because of the cleanness and hygiene environment.
  • We also recommend clients to have a routine check-up sanitize properly and regularly.
  • Once mating is done the escort girl cleans herself, sanitizes herself, takes a bath then wears mask and hand gloves and leaves the place.

Looking for safe sex in this pandemic? Get the solution for safe sex.

At the end of this article, I want to assure all Chennai escort service lovers that escort girls provided by Chennaiqueens are a complete fit to give you pleasure and fulfill your all-sex desire. So, please don’t wait to hire a call girl from us and enjoy it.

Chennaiqueens, the escort agency, has a status for top-class services. We are always concerned about our clients, their sexual desire, and their taste. Because of that will get pleasure from every minute of the time spent with our professional and trained escort girl. Please contact us if you have any further doubts.