Pain While Having Sex

Many Positions Can Cause Pain While Having Sex


September 11, 2023

Sex is a beautiful feeling; people also enjoy it. But when you do not get your expected feeling, it can ruin everything. Don’t want that, we hope? That is why Chennai Escort is the ideal place for you. Men often make silly mistakes; they predict that if they are hard, then the woman will also get excited and start to ejaculate, which creates lots of pain.

Also, there are lots of positions that can create a huge mess. Instead of having fun, your girl feels the pain. But still, if you want to have lots of sexual fantasies and want to fulfill them, then Chennai Call Girls can provide you with that sexual fulfillment. But now let’s have a look into the things that are the positions that can cause pain to your baby girl.

Positions That Can Cause Pain during Sex 

Doggy style position 

Vaginal tears could result from a vigorous, off-angle insertion. Therefore, placement needs to be changed. Frequently, improper placement can cause the penis to enter the unprepared anus, damaging the anal tissue. But if you still want to try this position, Chennai Escorts can help you.

Reverse cowgirl position 

A study published in Advances in Urology found that reverse cowgirl was where most penile “cracks” were most likely to occur when a woman was on top. Escort Service in Chennai helps to feel intense while doing this position.

Butterfly position

In this position, the receptive partner sits on top of the penetrating partner, sitting on a bed or other surface with their legs crossed over their hips. As deep thrusting is required in this position, which can be difficult for people with illnesses like dyspareunia, it can be intense for the receptive partner. Additionally, it can be painful for the penetrate because it puts pressure on the lower back and pelvis.

Butter churner position 

Men must use caution since aggressive thrusting could result in neck injuries. Additionally, this position calls for some spinal flexibility.

Eagle position 

The receptive partner’s legs must be lifted over the penetrating partner’s shoulders while kneeling on the bed or other flat surfaces in this position. Deep thrusting in the extreme Eagle position can be uncomfortable for many people. Additionally, it might be challenging to maintain balance, which can hurt or be uncomfortable.

Pogo stick position 

To facilitate the old in-and-out, the guy completely supports the female’s weight while bending her back and bouncing her up and down on the penis. The male may experience strains or back pain due to this action. Additionally, if one’s footing is shaky, one risks falling over, which could result in the woman being dropped.

Swiss ball blitz Position 

Your thrusts may have a little more bounce in this position, but there is a danger that the penis will break as it fully exits the vagina and returns. Due to the extraordinary amount of up-and-down inertia produced by the Swiss ball, excessive oomph could allow your penis to escape your girl just before gravity, and momentum causes her complete weight to fall back on the guy.

Sex is an enjoyable experience. Thus, don’t make it painful by applying for this position. Thus, before having sex, ask them which position they offer, and if they want to try something new, then be safe with that.