Some Exciting Ideas to Have Nipple Play with Your Girl


September 1, 2023

Nipples are the most exciting part of a woman’s body that men are attracted to. Did you ever visit Chennai Escorts Agency online? If not, browse it now to have perfect boobs and play with an enticing girl.

Boobs can be perky, small, droopy, and different other sizes. Be it any size, it’s the most attractive part of the woman’s body.

The best Chennai Escorts make a man horny by showing sexy moves highlighting their boobs in various attires.

So, let’s gain some traction on some tips to make your girl seduced with nipple stimulation.

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Boobs are Meant to Be Played With

Sexy boobs with different nipple shapes look immensely exciting. Sucking the boobs and pressing them feels like heaven to a man.

How much do you love the boobs? Too much, right??

According to Men’s Health, 81.5% of women say nipple stimulation causes sexual arousal.

Yes, that’s true.

Do you know that women get orgasms through nipple stimulation? That’s true.

The orgasm through stimulation of nipples is known as nipplegasm.

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So, here are some tips that can be used while having nipples play to get the sexiest feel and excite your girl even better.

Let’s get started.

  • Talk Nasty

Some nasty talks and slang usage in between nipple play make a girl seduced and ready to get fucked.

Whisper slowly while sucking, and see the way she will hold your head and push it more into her boobs.

  • Discuss the Particulars Beforehand

If you hire an escort from the best Chennai Escort Services, discussing the particular details about your preferences for nipple sucking is essential.

Talk with your girl before the final boobs play about your likings and disliking, and so of your girl, and start accordingly.

Every girl doesn’t like boobs being pressed hard, and some love getting their boobs smashed like anything. They were so, discussing it before the final thing will make your night extraordinary.

  • Use Your Teeth

Making your girl cum with nipple play, using light teeth accompanied by your tongue and lips is essential.

The sexual arousal is doubled when you bite her nipples with lighter teeth. The nipple play gives the girl immense stimulation, making her more excited and resulting in nipplegasm.


The bottom line is that let your girl wet with perfect nipple stimulation using the above-mentioned tips. To get enhanced pleasure with sexy boobs, connect with Chennai Queens and get the finest Chennai call girls at budget-friendly prices.