Review Escort Experience

Review Escort Experience


November 7, 2021

You’ve just had one of the most fantastic escort dates of your life with a woman that has managed to satisfy all your desires fully?! If that’s so, you should Review Chennai escort Experience or comment on the escort directory that she’s listed. Therefore, reviewing the Chennai escort experience is very important for the call girl in Chennai and the client.

Every people is unique and therefore their erotic taste. A few people enjoy women who can fill the bed, or you are impressed by intelligent conversation. However, a few people need a woman with a bit of humor to lighten the mood and help you relax when you are fully stressed. If you have specific desires and fetishes, you know the Chennai escort who offers the best service. In that case, then you know just how hard it can be to find an escort that can check all the things on your list.

And just like you, there are thousands of escort lovers out there looking for an escort to fulfill some particular needs. And with a little bit of help from you, both the escort person and the potential client can have a lot to gain from you writing a short and honest review of your escort experience.

When you have experienced an escort date, sensed you’ve just reached cloud nine, you must Review the Chennai Escort Experience. If your fantasies have been met, and you feel happy and satisfied and eager to have the experience one more time, that’s the moment you should show your gratitude for that escort’s unique skills by reviewing her services and giving her a great comment.

If you are convinced and want to review an escort date, you must focus on three main features: Looks, Moves, and the overall satisfaction with safety.

Review Escort Experience for the Looks

Many clients tend to complain about the difference between the escort’s photos and how she looks in real life. So, when you comment that the escort looked exactly like in her photos or even better, that’s a significant plus that could convince an undecided client to book a companion for a date.

Mention her overall look – was she vulgar looking or elegant and classy? Men tend to notice among the first things in a woman, how she walks, shoes, and legs. You can start with that: was she wearing high heels? How was her posture?

Then move to her smile, her hair, her boobs, her ass, and so on. Give clues to how she’s looking in real life and how she presents herself. Is she intimidating? Does she have a warm smile? Was she too aggressive and down to business, or was she full into the girlfriend experience mode? Does she have any tattoos? How was her makeup – trashy, intense, or natural-looking? Anything your say can prove to be helpful to a potential client and can convince him to book a date or not.

Review Escort Experience for the sexual skills and moves

Describe your experience – was she attentive? Did she set the mood? Describe her body, curves, vital assets, and weak points: was she voluptuous or athletic, more of a GFE, a girl next door, or a BBW or a MILF?

Talk about the way she smelled, about her skin, her choice in lingerie, her moves, and mention if she’s done something special – like an unearthly BJ or amazing anal or a tantric massage that made you experience the orgasm of your life.

Talk about her flexibility and openness to try all kinds of sex poses, mention if she has people skills if she can hold her part of a conversation and if she’s witty or fun to be around with. All these are important things a guy would like to know in advance from a reliable source such as yourself.

Review Chennai Escorts Experience for the Safety and Vibe

Mention in your review things regarding the hygiene aspects of the date – was she smelling good, freshly shaved, and showered? If she offers incalls, was her place cozy and clean? Was she into the safe sex thing?

Also, talk about how she made you feel: was the date casual and fun, was she a great woman to talk to, was she attentive to your needs, did she look at the clock trying to speed things up, or on the contrary, she took her time to please you and your desires fully?

Be honest while writing the review of your Chennai escort experience. Explain about your date and try to check the three steps mentioned above your review will help your special escort book more dates and will also prove handy for a client that is looking for an escort but can’t make up his mind only by looking at a photo gallery and browsing through a profile description.

Never upload a comment out of rage, jealousy, or revenge; give yourself some time to cool off and then write a valuable Chennai escort experience or comment. The escorts and clients, just like yourself, are counting on your feedback!