Police and Thief: Wanna Play a Naughty Game?


March 18, 2024

Theft in the neighborhood? Chase the thief.

Here you go.

Come on, stand straight till I put the handcuffs.

Does it seem like a real thief caught for stealing valuable articles from the neighborhood?

It might seem like that, but this time, it’s something different and a bit nasty.

Let me unveil the truth.

Have you ever considered hiring a Chennai escort and performing a role-play with her?

If not, then here is a brilliant story waiting for you.

If You’ll Catch Me, I am Ready to Get Fucked!

So, it was a day when I was in a naughty mood and was ready to play kinky games with a sexy girl.

I hired a Chennai escort and asked her for a role-play sex act.

So, we decided to play as a thief and the police.

The call girl in Chennai became the thief while I played the role of a policeman.

And here we go.

We used handcuffs, whips, and other BDSM toys to make our performance go awesome.

Now, the sexy female escort started acting like a thief. She went near the cupboard and acted like she was stealing money from my locker.

I approached her from behind and grabbed her.

She tried to loosen up my grip but failed to do so.

Then, I dragged her to the bed and used the restraints by cuffing her hands to the bedpost.

Now, I made the girl nude and then started tickling her body with my fingers.

The wrists of the call girl tied with the bedpost were making me feel hornier.

I initiated with the boobs play and licked both of her boobies very delicately.

Sucking her nipples was terrific. She started moaning out of pleasure.

Then, moving from her belly to her vagina, I spread her legs and put my tongue on the girl’s clitoris.

I licked her cunt to the extent until she got totally seduced and begged me to fuck her.

Then, I came over to her and rubbed my hard dick on her clit. The call girl in Chennai was enjoying it.

I moved forward and put a pillow below her waist. The pillow makes it easy to penetrate.

Now, her pussy was easy to get fucked. As I started entering my hard penis into her wet cunt, she started saying, “Please insert it slowly; I am quite scared of your big black cock” in a sexy low voice.

The girl’s voice made me excited. I grabbed her boobs and slowly inserted my dick into her cunt and said “ You are a thief; you will be punished for what you’ve done”.

She moaned, “ahh, ahh, slow babe slow, oooyyeahh, yes, yes, I am liking it, fuck me babes fuck me harder now.

From slow to fast, the girl moved with the flow, and I kept humping her pussy until she and I cummed hard.

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