What are Some Strange Sex Positions to Try with Your Girl

What are Some Strange Sex Positions to Try with Your Girl?


July 29, 2023

Having physical intimacy with a dream female partner of own choice affects the overall physical and mental well-being. Also, it provides immense happiness and pleasure by bidding goodbye to stress and anxiety.

The companion of exclusively looking escorts will give a big boost to your mood and self-esteem. Getting involved in sexual activity with high-profile Chennai call girls results in the release of several hormones, thus boosting:

  • Confidence
  • Masculinity
  • Self-esteem

The sense of connection and intimacy that you will be coming across is difficult to find somewhere else. Sleeping together on the same bed followed by some fun will develop a sense of emotion all along Chennai escort services.

How Can You Make the Intimacy Session More Exciting?

Are you moving towards Chennai for some official purposes? Great! Now, after the work will get over; how will you pass your leisure time in a hotel room? Hiring a professionally trained Chennai escorts will let in bidding goodbye to all your monotony and boredom.

Now, you can make the intimacy session even more exciting by giving a trial to some exclusive sex positions like:

  • Ploughing position

The ploughing sex position is one of the most popular positions in terms of intimacy. Here, the girl will lie on her back followed by lifting her legs and bringing knees to her chest.

Finally, the man will entertain her from the back and support himself with hands and knees. The outcome is overall explosive and results in an emotional connection.

  • Wheelbarrow sex position

The wheelbarrow sex position is another pose that helps in coming across the benefits of a professional escort service in Chennai. If you have enough strength, then this position will be the best.

As the woman will be kneeling on the edge of the bed, the man will entertain her from behind. It will be a great choice for clitoral-type stimulation and conclude with intense orgasms. The experience will be truly unimaginable!

  • Lotus sex position

The lotus sex position has a deep connection with Tantra. Here, the man will be sitting with his legs crossed. The woman will be sitting on his lap facing him. Both will be embracing each other in a rhythmic position.

It is an excellent choice for deep intimacy and incredible romance. Eye contact along with erotic kissing will add colors to the joy.

Signing up at Chennai Queens will let in getting in touch with an elite call girl in Chennai. Giving trial to some of these sex positions may help in enhancing the joy of intimacy.