Few Suggestions to Enjoy Anal Sex

Few Suggestions to Enjoy Anal Sex


November 14, 2021

Anal sex can be lots of fun and feel awesome if done right. Still, it’s not a pervasive practice because most Chennai escorts think of the pain of performing anal sex, and they also believe that it can be hazardous for their health. Trust us; it won’t. Anal sex can be painful or less pleasurable when your partner doesn’t know what to do and uses the wrong tools and techniques.

Today, we will tell you what works and what doesn’t if you want to try Anal sex for unique, exciting pleasure through this article.

Don’t depend entirely on numbing cream.

The market is full of all sorts of gels and creams that claim to decrease the sensations in your anus, thus making anal sex painless. Our suggestion is to don’t depend entirely on numbing cream. If the lady does not feel what is going on in the butt, the male partner might hurt the anus without realizing it which may lead to serious health injuries.

Instead of buying numbing creams or gels, try some anal foreplay with unique sex toys before penetration. If possible, ask your male partner to use the finger or lick the rectum through the tongue. After a particular time, the anal muscles will relax and release some mucus, put your dick on the rectum and start pushing slowly through the penis to create fun.

Note: Never try to insert the complete penis forcefully.

Lubrication cream is essential for anal sex.

Do you have friends who’ve told you that anal penetration is very painful? They must’ve not used lubrication cream during the activity. Our anuses cannot produce their lubrication as vaginas do, so we need to lubricate them with the cream. Search on the internet for lubrication cream and look for lubes specifically made for anal sex. The better lube will enhance the erotic experience for both partners. Therefore, don’t forget to lubricate the anus before sensual anal sex.

Never do a blowjob or vaginal sex after anal sex.

If the male partner has inserted his penis in your butt and now wants to fuck your vagina or wants a blowjob, then immediately say no. Through the anus, we extract fecal elements; therefore anus has a lot of bacteria which may cause various infections and sexually transmitted diseases. If your client wants to have sex in other parts of your body, gently tell him to wash his dick to disinfect.

Use condoms for protection.

The methods mentioned above do not keep both the person safe from sexually transmitted diseases. The skin around the butt is thinner than the skin around the vagina. Suppose any cut happens during an erotic encounter. In that case, many viruses or bacteria may enter your body through the cutting area, which may cause severe sexually transmitted disease very soon.

The best idea is to hire a Chennai escort only if she has proof of being free of any STD.

Are you pregnant? If yes, then avoid anal sex.

If you want to give birth to a healthy baby boy or girl, avoid anal sex during your pregnancy. Remember the sexually transmitted diseases have told you about! In case the disease is transferred from your butt to your placenta, you can land in trouble.

Also, taking it up the ass when you’re expecting a baby gets painful if you have hemorrhoids. Many pregnant women get them because they’re one of the most often side effects of pregnancy.

Do it properly with complete control.

Suppose you are trying anal sex the first time. Ask your partner to start slowly and, after a particular time when you get comfortable enough, allow them to increase the speed while going deeper and deeper. Communicate with your sex partner at all times, and the whole experience will feel amazing.

Foreplay is a must before anal sex.

Foreplay is a must before any sex. Through foreplay, you can mentally prepare and same as your body functions. To erect your penis and make it lubricate properly, do the same before butt sex. You can start with any good-quality sex toys created for the anus or a lubed fingertip to expand slowly. Muscles around the anus will soon relax, and you’ll be mentally ready to enjoy it.