Have Fantastic Sex with Housewife Escorts!

Have Fantastic Sex with Housewife Escorts!


November 11, 2021

Who doesn’t love a nice pair of big, bouncy butts or perfectly sized boobs, ideal for satisfying erotic desires? Also, did you know that most men believe that the bigger the butt, the better the sensual pleasure? Hence, Chennaiqueens has roped in housewives to have fantastic sex with housewife escorts.

Men love curvy bodies for sex; therefore, they search for beautiful housewives with generous curves for sexual experience who match and fulfill their erotic fantasies.

Chennaiqueens escort agency welcomes all housewives and asks them to let go of those fears and insecurities and use that attractive butt to earn additional income. Apart from that our agency trains them and council them to make them understand that there’s no shame in enjoying sex, especially when you have such attractive curves that men are dying to touch.

You must have heard the expression “cushion to push”! Well, that’s one of the reasons women with voluptuous curves are attracted to men, because a big butt, huge breasts, and some juicy hips are perfect for an intensely sensual encounter and give extreme sensation experience during sex.

Also, did you know that women with more prominent curves can endure more extended and more intense strokes than thin women? so what are you waiting for? Have great sex with housewife escorts to touch those naughty hips.

Why are men dreaming of having great sex with Housewife escorts?

The curves add magic to housewives, and the curves add additional attraction when the boobs and hips ups and downs when the housewife walk, dance, or have sex. Housewives with curves turn men crazy and make them full of lust and sexual desires. Try to imagine a man’s sexual feelings when performing sex in doggie style, slamming his pelvis on a housewife’s big butt or grabbing her hips and holding on to them during sex! Yum, yum, yum, that’s all we may say about that!

Another thing to consider is the fact that the housewives are perfect for cuddling. Cuddling a curvy housewife with big boobs and huge hips can help a man relax and be fully sexually satisfied after an excellent sex encounter.

You are wondering if sex with a housewife with curves is different from sex with a skinny lady? Well, of course, it is different because some of the sexual positions can produce magnified effects! Such as, the man may enjoy higher arousal by touching, grabbing, licking, and kissing his partner’s hot curves during intercourse, and at the same time, the curvy housewife enjoys some intense sensations because of the ripple effect each move has on her body.

Have fantastic sex with Housewife escorts through three power positions.

Have fantastic sex with Housewife escorts through doggie-style sex.

Doggie style is the most appreciated sex pose among both women and men. Bring variations in your sex style by doing the standing doggy style or bending over a couch or a table. This way, you can rest assured knowing that your body is looking fabulous; also, girls, keep in mind that no man is looking at your jiggling belly during sex! Housewife Chennai escorts, if you have it, flaunt it, and your client will adore every second spent in your company.

Have fantastic sex with Housewife escorts through reverse cowgirl sex.

In the reverse cowgirl, the man has to lay on the bed or the floor, where the surface must be straight and rigid; after that, the housewife must sit on him by inserting the man’s penis into her vagina. Once the position is settled, the housewife has to do the butt up and down just like riding him.

Note: Housewife must sit towards facing man’s feet.

The reverse cowgirl Is a fantastic position for deeper strokes and intense penetration. It is also remarkable because it provides the guy with an excellent view of her sexy butt moving and shaking.

Have fantastic sex with Housewife escorts through the modified missionary

The modified missionary involves using something like a pillow or a ramp to lift the butt. This way, the hips, and vagina get maximum exposure so that the man can access her pussy in a better way. Therefore, the style allows him to have a deeper penetration. Apart from that, if the man wants, then he can lick your feet or place your legs on his shoulders. Modified missionary give a fantastic view of their female partner’s body, which satisfy the male partner and give an orgasm.

So, all Chennai escort darlings, don’t hesitate about trying all the sexual positions you are fantasizing about and turn those hot curves into an asset, especially for your pleasure.