Fetishes You Should Know


November 9, 2021

Are you the person who wants to try new erotic things? We have brought a list of practices you might want to experiment with a beautiful Chennai escort. Chennaiqueens escort agency welcomes all fetish lovers in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, to try an exciting pleasure session.

Before you check the Fetishes list, ensure that the Chennai escort is trustable and comfortable with you emotionally and physically because she may not be interested in performing those fetishes. If you desire to try one or more of the fetishes with your hired escort lady and want to make your date successful for both of you, then always book a Chennai escort service from our agency.

Once you have booked the escort service and everything has finalized, and you both want to try a new sexual activity in your upcoming escort session, then kindly check the Fetishes You Should Know so that you can enjoy the session immensely.

Let’s dive into the list of Fetishes You Should Know

The first Fetishes You Should Know is “Yiffing.”

Have you ever heard of furries? If you have, then yiffing is all about having sex with a furry. There are lots of people who are into this practice. Does it sound like something you’d like to experience at least once? Go right ahead but be sure to wear the kind of outfit that your customer would love to see on you.

The Second Fetishes You Should Know is “Capnolagnia.”

If you get wet around people who smoke, you should ask your client if they smoke. The way the smoke is blown back out will do things to your senses and body. You could also definitely experience a fantastic orgasm just from the scent alone.

The Third Fetishes You Should Know is “Wam.”

Otherwise known as Wet and Messy, this fetish is all about food play. The minute your partner covers you in food, and you do the same to them, you’ll want to have sex right then and there. Use honey, whipped cream, and whatever else you like. It’s going to be a sticky, hot, and fun session!

The Fourth Fetishes You Should Know is “Podolphilia.”

You might know this one as foot fetishism. A very popular kink with some people, podophilia can feel incredible with the right customer. While the sight of feet and the thought of licking or sucking them is disgusting for many, foot fetishists beg to differ. For them, seeing toes being wiggled at them turns them on like there’s no tomorrow.

The Fifth Fetishes You Should Know is “Urophilia.”

Urophilia is more famous under the name of watersports or golden showers. In other words: whoever is into this particular kink gets weak at the knees when they see someone urinate. Just thinking of the word “urine” is enough to send them into a frenzy of desire. Make sure you try a golden shower in your client’s bathroom (or your own). It’s easier to clean, and it feels better than if you were doing it, say, in the bedroom or kitchen.

The Sixth Fetishes You Should Know is “Giant fetish.”

In giant fetish, either you or your partner have to be a very tall person for this one to work. Most of the time, customers demand giant Chennai escort ladies to make sparks fly. Being penetrated or fucking someone who’s really tall is a wet dream come true for giant fetishists. Alternatively, the giant fetish is known as macrophilia, and this practice will have to involve some domination at one point or another.

The Last and Seventh Fetishes You Should Know is “Tickling.”

The tickling fetish is not popular; because not many people like to be tickled by others. However, there are plenty who experience intense orgasms as soon as they’re tickled. Tickling fights will always lead to wild sex for people who are into this particular kind of fetish.