Orgasmic Escort Service

An Orgasmic Escort Service


November 9, 2021

No one can perform an escort service alone. To offer pleasureful service, both the person’s involvement is essential. Therefore, the pleasure an escort lover seeks from the Chennai escort, the companion herself must search for the same satisfaction. In this article, I will explain how to have an orgasmic escort service in Chennai.

Let’s start with the fact that the customer knows that he’s hiring you for his pleasure, but this won’t change the fact that he’ll feel better knowing that you have also enjoyed yourself. It makes him feel special, knowing that you two shared genuine intimacy. This need to make the woman climax is located somewhere between the male ego and customer guilt, but whichever the reason, the conclusion is the same. Your clients will feel much better if you climax!

It is widely known that the female orgasm doesn’t quite work at the press of a button (most of the time), so what’s an escort to do? Well, one solution is to fake it, but how do you do it convincingly if you’re not a brilliant actress?

For those of you asking this critical question, we’ve compiled this great list of tips on how to have the most orgasmic escort service!

  1. Talk to your client a bit before you sleep with him and read him in terms of masculinity. What are his values? Most men believe that making a woman cum is part of their masculinity, so it might make them feel less like a man if they can’t make an escort climax. 
  2. You’ll hear many clients say that their wives or girlfriends don’t feel pleasure. This can become highly frustrating, and if you don’t seem like you’re getting any pleasure from the encounter, chances are your client will continue to feel miserable about it. Don’t let him; give him that needed ego boost, and he’ll keep coming back for more!
  3. Try actually to enjoy the call girl in Chennai. Sure, your client might not be a Don Juan to look at, or maybe he’s not that great in the sack, but try to model yourself to his moves. Try to look past the minor issues (if possible) and feel good about the touching and the intimacy. Even if you do not climax for real at the end, your client will know he offered you some absolute pleasure.
  4. Fake it! Let’s face it; every escort does it, so why beat around the bush. If you can’t climax, fake it, and your clients will be all the happier for it. Just remember to also fake the pleasure in between because if you look utterly bored before your so-called climax, well, that’s not going to fool anyone.
  5. Close your eyes and fantasize. If you really can’t experience pleasure with a client, close your eyes and think you’re with somebody you’ve always wanted to sleep with. This will make the session all the more pleasurable!
  6. Talk! Start with a bit of dirty talk, then move to something kinkier if your client seems into it. “Faster, Harder, Oh God, Right There, I’m coming!” – you get the point 😉
  7. If, however, your client doesn’t seem to appreciate the talking, some moaning and groaning will go a long way.
  8. Get the body cues right: arch your back, grab the sheets, stretch your legs, stiffen and contract your muscles. Just being verbal is not enough.
  9. Your client has to be doing something to give you pleasure; otherwise, he’ll know you’re faking it. After all, an orgasm can’t just come out of the blue (unless you’re a fortunate woman) if your customer’s a little shy; guide and coaxes him into doing something that could lead to your climax.
  10. Lastly, don’t overdo it. Learn from yourself that means; when you have an orgasm, understand carefully and mimic those actions as much as possible with your clients. This will also ensure consistency, which is very important for repeat encounters.

You’re now ready for an orgasmic escort encounter! Your clients will be pleased.