Tease My Shaved Cunt

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January 22, 2024

Shaved, trimmed, or hairy?

What’s your choice?

Are you getting my point?

You are guessing it right. It’s all about pussy.

Every man has a different choice regarding the type of pubes when selecting a hot Chennai Escort.

If you ask about me, I like them all, but recently I chose the one with a shaved cunt.

Running fingers, kissing, and licking a pussy feels like heaven.

Have you ever done it?

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Serve My Pussy Like a Slave!

So, the night started with a red wine. The sexy and alluring female escort seemed excited to have fun all night.

The girl from the top Chennai escort services was giving me a perfect girlfriend experience.

We had a fun-loving talk before approaching a nasty, pleasurable journey.

So, we mutually decided the sex acts to be performed that night and moved ahead with great enthusiasm and excitement.

I am used to being a giver, and cunt play is the most desirable act often preferred by me.

We kissed each other while the girl kept removing my clothes. I, too, started unveiling her during our passionate kissing session.

The 22-year-old Chennai escort was feeling horny, and I got to know this when my finger ran into her vagina out of excitement. The call girl was all wet.

And this was indeed good news for me.

Now, the girl asked me to sit on my knees and initiate a session called a pussy play.

I started running my fingers onto her shaved cunt, and kept kissing it until she begged me, “Please lick it, honey, I want it badly, oh, please do that for me now.”

The words she was saying with her moaning voice seemed so sexy that I couldn’t resist doing her legs apart and licking her vagina.

It was a fantastic feeling.

While licking her cunt, the girl asked me to suck her clitoris as it gave her more pleasure. So, I put my middle finger into her vagina and clasped her clit with my lips.

The girl felt so awesome that she said, “Keep it like that; I want to ride on your lips.”

She started grinding and humping my lips as if it’s a cock.

While making her happy, I was shaking my penis continuously and was about to ejaculate.

Both of us cum almost together, and then I asked her to pee on my cock.

So, she opened the lips of her genitals and started peeing, targeting my dick.

The golden shower at the end was an incredible concluding part.

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