Remove My Tampon and Fuck Me Hard

Do You Want to Remove My Tampon and Fuck Me Hard?


January 17, 2024

Have you ever wondered about fucking a call girl from Chennai escort services during her periods?

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Girls Love Doing It During Her Periods!

Do you know women feel too horny during the last days of their periods?

Yeah, that’s true.

So, why not make them happy?

I did the same.

The beautiful cloudy weather was driving me crazy. My cock was erect, and I was scrolling for the best escort services in Chennai.

I found the Chennai Queens website at the top of the search engine and clicked on it to find the best partner on the bed.

The website was superb, and I immediately contacted the company to hire a perfect Chennai escort.

I told them my preferences and asked for an escort who wanted to have sex during her periods. Although I wasn’t sure they’d fulfill my weird demand, I was amazed to know that the company provided me with what I wanted.

So, I called the top-notch call girl to a hotel to have some adult entertainment.

The girl had the third day of her period, and I was excited to have fun with her.

I must say she was one of the sexiest female escorts I have ever hired. Beautiful face, perfectly shaped body, perky boobs, and well-shaped butts were making me crazy.

She asked to use the washroom after visiting my place. She came out wearing a sexy dress.

I asked the girl to come closer and started kissing her lips. I then moved towards her neck, and gave her some love bites. She was feeling horny, and I was sensing it very clearly.

While kissing the perfect 22 years old girl, my hand moved towards her pussy. I thought I would feel a panty with a sanitary napkin, but nothing was there. She was just wearing her panties.

While trying to feel her pad, she suddenly whispered in my ears, “I am not wearing a pad, babes.” I shockingly asked, “Are your periods over?”. She said, “No, my periods are still on; I am wearing a tampon.”

It was something new to me. So, I asked the girl to show me the same. So, she sat on the bed, spread her legs, removed her panties, and showed me an object inserted inside her vagina.

She seductively said, “Do you want to remove my tampon?” I said, “Of course, sweetheart, I would love to remove it.”

Then she said, “It’s not a good idea to remove it here; let’s head towards the bathroom”. So, I did the same.

There I removed her tampon and washed her pussy and legs.

Then, we headed towards the bed and had a perfect sexual play. The call girl gave me a mind-blowing blowjob and rubbed my dick on her boobs as well. So, I can say it was a fantastic sexual play during her period.

I would love to do that again.

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