Secret Santa Gave Me a Sexy Treat

Secret Santa Gave Me a Sexy Treat This Christmas!


January 12, 2024

What gift did you get this Christmas? A bunch of chocolates, flowers, your favorite novel, or a ticket to Goa?

Do you know what my gift from Santa was?

A call girl from the best escort service in Chennai.

Yeah, that’s true.

So, do you want to know my kinky tales of that erotic night?

Let’s dig deeper and try to measure the depth of the pussy my dick entered that whole sexy night.

Disclaimer: Our blog will not be responsible if you feel horny while reading this. It’s better to be ready to masturbate before you move to read further.

So, let’s get started!

Hump Me Hard, Hold Me from Behind, and Rub My Clit!

After getting my Secret Santa gift from one of my colleagues, I was eager to have the girl in my room, and she was there on my doorstep. Just after a few minutes, I reached home.

I lived there alone, so my home had no privacy issues.

The female Chennai escort came to me and sat beside me. She started caressing my hair and tried to come closer to me.

I was pretty excited, so I did not step back. The super sexy girl then held my head towards her and gave me a tight smooch.

Now, my dick was completely erect, and I wanted to do a perfect foreplay with the call girl.

I asked the girl to remove her clothes and show me her nude figure. The girl started unveiling her, and so did I.

Now, both of us were nude, and my cock seemed like a tight banana at the moment. The sexy girl stared at my penis and smiled in a way as she wanted it now.

I asked her to come closer, sit on her knees, and keep her hands behind like a slave.

I rubbed my cock slowly on the lips and face of the girl and asked her to suck my penis.

Come on, babes, suck it hard, I said.

She replied, “Okay, Master”!

It was a moment when I felt like Christian Grey from “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

It was fun.

She licked my glance of penis and scrotum and sucked my cock just like a lollipop.

I felt so amazing that I couldn’t stop myself and cum inside her mouth.

Now, it was the time to please her.

She asked me to approach her from behind. So, I grabbed her from behind, humped her butt with my penis, and lifted her from her genitals.

The girl grabbed me hard with the help of her legs, and one of her hands held my neck as I was lifting her from behind.

Now, I grabbed her one of the boobs with one hand while my other hand was on her clit.

The girl was wet; she was very excited at the moment. So. I slowly rubbed her clit very nicely and kept teasing her nipple to make her cum easily.

The call girl in Chennai cum with the fantastic touch of my finger, and then I fucked her hard.

We both were delighted at night and had multiple orgasms.

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