Teasing the Call Girls

Teasing the Call Girls in Different Ways Can Make a Man Horny


October 28, 2023

Did you ever tease the best Chennai Escort?

Teasing gives a different level of sensation and makes both partners feel excited.

But a man gets immensely horny if he teases you before sex.

Isn’t that correct?

I know it is.

So, let’s get deep and check how a man teases a call girl from the top Chennai Escorts Service.

Spank Her Butts on the Stairs!

Call a hot and alluring call girl from the best Chennai Escort Agency and meet her before taking her to the room for final sex.

Talk, make her comfortable, and then proceed toward your room.

If your room is on the above floor, it’s the best, as you have a chance to tease her before going to the room.

Take your time towards the lift; prefer the staircase.

Ask her to move before you and gaze at her exciting butts.

While she’s moving up, spank her butts.

Watch where you both are alone, and suddenly grab her butt in your hand, and tease her as you can.

Search some silent place, take her against the wall, get her face towards the wall, and give her a butt hump to excite her.

A Teasing Session Inside the Lift!

Take her inside the lift and ensure there is no one out there.

A kiss will work the best.

And, if many people surround you in the lift, then here is the best option.

Stand close to her, at the back of everybody, so no one can notice your naughtiness.

If she is wearing a dress, it would be easier for you to put her dress slightly up from the back, touch her butt with panties On, and try to finger her butthole teasingly.

Slowly take your hand towards her pussy, and check if she is wet.

I know your dick must be erect!

Hold it gently, as there is more in this blog.

If the girl is wearing jeans, then you can rub her butt slowly and take your hand between her thighs, and spank her pussy from your hands when you are in between many people in the lift.

Stand Behind Her!

It’s sometimes easier to tease the girl when it’s a crowded lift and excites you.

Stand behind the girl, and slowly ask her to keep her butts touching your cock.

Slightly push her from behind so nobody notices it apart from the best Chennai Escort.

Keep touching her ass with your hands, and enjoy the tempting moment.


Teasing a girl is a pretty enticing activity that helps her get seduced and not waste time rushing toward happy sex after entering the room. So, are you still holding your cock? Contact Chennai Queens now and get to play some teasing games with a sexy escort at budget-friendly prices.