Have a Perfect Rim Job

How to Have a Perfect Rim Job Keeping Hygiene Intact?


November 2, 2023

Rimming is a sensual act that many women love. Do you know what is a Rim Job and how to do it well?

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It feels so good, even thinking about that.

Putting the tongue in a butthole may feel awful, but it’s seductive. You can have a comfortable anal licking if your partner is hygienically fit.

So, don’t overthink, just read these tips, and rush inside the butts of the perfect call girl of the top Chennai escort services.

Give Her an Anal Orgasm With the Best Licking Ever!

You might have heard of vaginal, nipple, and clitoral orgasm. But anal orgasms also exist.

The stimulation in the anus part through penetration, licking, fingering, or toying results in anal orgasm.

Anal licking, known as rimming, can be done best while maintaining your hygiene.

So, start licking it; oh, sorry, reading it now, lol.

  • Clean the Area Properly

Before opting for rimming, wash the area with soap or a great-smelling body wash. You can also go for a shower together and have the best rimming below the shower or in the bathtub.

There is no risk of any germs or infection if you do this sexy act during the shower.

  • Lick It with Your Tongue

Just like you lick an ice-cream in the cone, use your tongue the same way on the anus. The best call girl in Chennai will moan like anything with the touch of your warm tongue teasing her butthole with passion.

  • Put Your Face In Between the Butts

Sometimes rushing inside the butts of the girl with passion and horniness makes her go crazy.

Make her bend down and spank her butts before moving inside; then put your face inside the juicy butthole and throw some air from your mouth to make her feel amazing.

  • Let Her Sit On Your Face

Lay out and invite her for a face-sitting regime. Ask the girl to put her anus on your face while you pull your tongue out to penetrate her well with your tongue.

Let us play in and out with your tongue and make her get a mesmerizing anal orgasm.

  • Sucking with Fingering

Anal stimulation can feel more enticing to a girl if you perform pussy fingering while sucking her anus.

The dual pleasurable job allows her to have anal plus vaginal orgasms simultaneously.


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