The Best Licking Session

Stand There and Spread Your Legs: The Best Licking Session


November 9, 2023

Are you a giver? Do you love cunt-licking sessions? Have you ever hired any Chennai escorts?

If not, try now.

What type of pubes do you like? Shaved, trimmed in different styles, or hairy?

Licking and pubes are relatable.

Men admire different type of pubes that makes them even more horny and persuade them to lick the cunt like a strawberry ice cream.

While Chennai call girls, you can demand the pubic hair you want.

So, let’s talk about my story when I hired a girl from Chennai Escort Service and demanded a hairy pussy without any trimming.

Let’s dive deep into it and imagine how it feels to lick a girl’s juices.

Sit On My Face, Girl! Lemme Show You Heaven on Earth!

I hired a sexy call girl from the top Chennai Escort Services for a perfect clit and pussy licking and fucking session. My demands were a dominant girl with hairy pussy, perky boobs, and a perfect ass like a pillow.

I love giving rather than taking, as I am obsessed with the girls’ pussy.

The call girl came to me and gave me a passionate kiss.

As my mood was on, I asked her to undress and stand against the wall with the legs spread.

She did the same.

I sat on my knees while the hairy pussy and the perfect boobs were fully visible. I kissed the sexy hairy pubes of the girl and slightly caressed the pubes with my fingers.

The girl was feeling quite impressive.

I pushed the hairs with one hand to see the clit clearly and put my lips on the clitoris. She moaned with a low voice and pleasure.

The Chennai escort started pushing my head into her clit, and I was feeling horny, too.

I took the girl on the bed and asked her to calm her sexual quench sitting on my face. The girl fucked my face and squirted all over my mouth.

I took her beneath me and took the charge to fuck her ass.

With some lubricant, I inserted my dick in her asshole, and she screamed severely. I squeezed her boobs tight and bit her lips, so I asked her to stay silent.

She grabbed me well, and I fucked her butthole till  I cum.

It was a mesmerizing night.


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