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February 5, 2024

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She Grabbed My Hair and Continued Grinding!

Yeah, so being a giver feels fantastic.

I was a loner and looking for sex all around the world.

Then, one evening, I couldn’t resist hiring a beautiful call girl to my home.

The girl was pretty, perfectly shaped, and had a glowing face.

I wanted to tease and lick her cunt whole-heartedly. So, I started by removing her jeans.

She was pretty amazed because most men remove the t-shirt first.

But I was so obsessed with the pussy that I asked her to remove her undies immediately.

The girl was holding a glass of whiskey in her hand, so I asked her to pour it on her pussy.

She did the same, and I just pushed my face into her vagina and drank the whiskey which was pouring through her juicy vagina.

The Call Girl in Chennai felt fantastic and requested me.

She wanted to grind on my lips.

What else do I want?

I was glad to hear this, so I responded positively to her, and we rushed towards the act of grinding.

Now, she spread her legs and asked me to start licking her cunt quite slowly.

After feeling my tongue for a few seconds, she started moaning in her sexy voice.

I kept on sucking her clitoris, and suddenly she asked me to close my lips and make a pout so that she could grind on it well.

She kept her clit on my pout and started grinding. The sexy voice of her moans was asking me to shake my dick.

I shake my dick from one hand and insert the middle finger of another hand into her vagina. She was enjoying herself quite well, and during her grinding part, I was looking at her sweaty face that was filled with excitement, horniness, passion, and an urge to get a marvelous orgasm.

And after a few minutes, she grabbed my head and squeezed my hair, and I became sure that she was about to cum now.

After a second or two, her legs started shaking, and she started humping my lips as if it were a cock. I, too cum watching her getting such a pleasurable orgasm.

I asked her to squirt on my face, and this was such an unforgettable grind play I will never forget.

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