A Strawberry Flavored Condom is the Best for the Rose Day!


February 7, 2024

Perfect sex on a Rose Day, and you’re about to cum inside the vagina of a sexy Chennai escort.

But you just can’t.


And I guessed the reason.

So, why not use a condom? The strawberry flavor will suit the day, too.

Maybe you think that wearing a condom reduces the pleasure of sex.

Yeah, I also think so. But there is a way that will give you pleasure and protection.

Are you curious to know about it?

Let’s dive deep into the blog and get pleasure in addition to knowledge by reading my erotic sex story.

I’m About to Cum: Come On, Use It Now!

It was a beautiful evening, and I wanted to have some fun.

So, I booked a perfect female escort from the best escort service in Chennai.

After talking with the call girl for a few minutes, I asked her a question.

My question was- “How can I get pleasure and protection both at the same time?”

The call girl in Chennai was quite intelligent; she said, “I know how to make it happen.”

The confidence of the sexy 22-year-old girl made me curious about her answer.

Then, she asked me to start the nasty play without a condom.

I was worried, but the girl said to me that she had already gone through medical checkups and was free from any STIs.

I was so mesmerized after hearing this. But my concern was to avoid pregnancy, too.

The Chennai escort asked me to be quiet and follow her instructions to get what I wanted.

So, I forgot everything running in my head and rushed towards the juicy lips of the sexy girl.

I bite her lips and suck them well. Then we sucked each other’s tongues and moved towards the bed to enjoy 69, where the girl sucked my penis while I licked her cunt.

Now, the time has come when we start having sex. I started penetrating her in the missionary position.

The sexy moaning sounds were helping me to gain momentum.

The call girl asked me to tell her when I wanted to cum.

After some seconds, I said, “I am going to cum”.

She asked to hold a bit and wear a condom.

I didn’t want to control it, but I did so.

After wearing a condom, I continued fucking the call girl. But I must say, holding your ejaculation for some time gives you a more intense orgasm.

It would be best if you try it once.

Wearing a condom and getting pleasure are both possible if you do it the way I did.

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