When She Dig Her Nails on My Back: It’s a Sensual Feeling


February 12, 2024

Sex is a tiring but pleasurable activity that is filled with passion and sensuousness.

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I Kept Hitting Her Pussy Hard, and She Kept Scratching My Back!

The sexy moans of ah, ah, ooyeaahh, are the most pleasing sounds when you’re in a bedroom with dim or no lights, naked, and teasing each other with seductiveness.

So, this is about the evening when I was thinking about hiring an escort for a perfect Girlfriend experience (GFE).

The girl was pretty and sexy as I demanded. After she came to my place, I asked her to have some drink, and she chose to drink red wine with me.

So, we sat together, drunk wine, and we started talking with each other like a couple in a relationship.

The beautiful eyes of the call girl in Chennai were looking at me quite seductively as if she wants something more.

I had an idea, what was the girl onto. So, understanding her desires, and my hidden desires, I started coming near her while opening the buttons of my shirt.

When I came closer to the girl, I felt her heart beats turned faster. I slowly grabbed her waist, and asked her to turn nude.

She removed all her clothes, and was standing naked before me. In the meanwhile, I also did the same.

Now, it was time to have some foreplay, and a very intense sex but slower sex. So, I asked her to lay down in the bed beside me, and kiss me slowly.

When we initiated with the kissing session, I slowly started running fingers in her hairs, and touching her back and butts delicately.

Then, I moved towards her clit and started rubbing it slowly with my middle finger, I was feeling the wetness in her vagina, so, I slightly moved my finger downwards, and put that inside her cunt, and heard a small but sexy moan, ah.

After our kissing session, it was time to tease the boobies of my sexy chick. So, I delicately moved my fingers on her boobs, kissed them nicely, and rubbed the nipples very steadily.

The rubbing and biting of her nipples in a steady manner was making her feel horny. Then, I chose to fuck her in a missionary position, so that, I can see her expressions while fucking her.

I laid on her, and inserted my dick in her pussy.

In the whole time of our sexual journey, I felt that she was in love with my clean back. Whenever I had touched her at any sensitive part of her body, she was running her fingers on my sexy back.

Yeah, of course, I am a fitness freak, and blessed with a perfect body with muscles. Maybe, the girl was loving it.

So, when I gained momentum while having sex, she started moaning in a sexy way, and dig her nails in my back, and that was the horniest moment of the whole sexual regime.

I cum hard without any stress in her vagina, as I was wearing a condom.

She squirted at me during her intense orgasm, and that was fun!

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