Cuck-Play Some Guys Are a Cuckold!

Cuck-Play: Some Guys Are a Cuckold!


October 16, 2023

Are you a cuckold? Do you love cuckolding?

Didn’t get my point?

Lemme me tell you!

A cuckold is a person who loves watching their partner having sex with someone else in front of their eyes.

It might sound weird, and it is.

But when it comes to the best Chennai escorts, the cuck-play can be the most enticing activity.

Escorts are professional sex workers; you pay them for what you do without strings attached.

So, cuck-play is a common thing for the Chennai call girls.

Are you ready to enjoy a cuckolding? So, read this story profoundly and imagine what it feels like if it’s real.

Hold Your Cock to Enjoy Cuckolding!

What if you ask your friend to fuck the best call girl from Chennai Escorts Service?

It would be like a live porn.

Isn’t it?

Sit on the couch or lie on one side of the bed to comfortably masturbate.

Now, read it as if you are reading a nasty novel, and I bet you’ll enjoy it.

Imagine you are there with your friend in a room, and the door knocks.

The call girl you hired has arrived.

Now, the game begins.

Your friend starts kissing the call girl, thrusting her against the wall. It seems your friend was a bit horny.

Both are kissing and undressing each other at the same time.

After watching the initial part, you start striping off your clothes to enjoy to the fullest.

The girl went nude, and your friend stripped off his undies.

Now, the play reached to the bed. Your friend pulled the girl and threw her on the bed. The sexy Chennai escort breathes intensely excitedly, and your friend teases her.

The nipple play has started, and you have started shaking your cock.

Biting the nipples and sucking the boobs passionately made you feel more aroused. Watching the perfect body-licking and pussy licking regime is impressive.

Now, your friend asks the call girl to sit on his face. As your friend is a giver and enjoys licking the cunt, he can’t resist licking her clit.

Your friend opens his tongue and asks the girl to ride her tongue as if it’s a cock.

Are you feeling horny?

Enjoy till the girl is fucked hard.

And the time has come.

Your friend is a doggy-style lover and has asked the girl to become a bitch in front of him.

“Bend like a bitch; You nasty bitch”, says your friend, and your speed of shaking your penis has suddenly increased.

Your friend fucked her passionately for around 5-10 mins. The girl asked while being fucked, “Did you take Viagra”?

Call girl- Ah, ahh, you are incredible, fuck me hard, I am already there, yeah, yes, yes, yes, ooh yeah, I am cumming!

And what about you? Are you feeling aroused, or are you also cumming?


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