What are Escorts Meant for?

What are Escorts Meant for? Think Differently this Time!


March 22, 2024

Chennai call girls, sex workers, female escorts, prostitutes, etc.

Whatever the names are, in the end, the Chennai escorts are human beings just like other individuals.

So, why do you think about call girls?

Are they merely for quenching your sexual desires?

Think differently; you’ll get the answer.

Keep reading this blog, and change your perception about escorts.

Escorts Deserve Respect!

People do jobs in a reputed company or run their businesses, and so are escorts, so why do we differentiate them from society?

Escorts are an essential part of our society. Hiring call girls in Chennai helps avoid sexual offenses, makes loners feel cherished and sexually satisfied, and has many other benefits.

The call girls play such a crucial role in society. So, it’s our responsibility to treat them respectfully.

Let’s see how.

  • Communicate Politely

While meeting an escort, you should heed your way of talking. Talk openly and respectfully, and discuss your expectations and preferences before rushing into sexual activities.

  • Respect the Boundaries

Every escort has a boundary, and respecting their boundaries is the clients’ responsibility. So, consent is an essential aspect before initiating any sexual act—mutual consent results in trust and protectiveness between the escort and the client.

  • Maintain Personal Hygiene

Maintaining personal hygiene is quite vital when you are hiring escorts. Men should always focus on their sweaty armpits, penis care, and other critical hygiene-related aspects to create an atmosphere of pleasure. It’s best to go for a mutual shower before playing nasty.

  • Keep the Privacy Intact

Respect the privacy of the call girl. Never ask them personal questions or interfere in their personal life. If the girls initiate the discussion, listen more and suggest less until required.

  • Expressing Gratitude is a Must!

After spending unforgettable moments in bed with a sexy female escort, bidding a thank you showcases a true sense of gratitude. So, appreciate her professionalism, simplicity, and time, and become a gentleman before the call girl.

  • Share a Feedback

“Oh, it was amazing,” “I would like to hire you again,” “I enjoyed every single moment in the bed with you,” “You are simply amazing,” etc., are a perfect way of sharing your feedback to the escort after fucking them hard.

If there is any negative feedback, a sandwich method would work best. Use appreciating words by mixing the areas of improvement in your feedback.

The sandwich method is a marketing method that can be applied to share feedback in any domain. So, use it and see the magic.

So, remember these etiquettes before hiring the best escort for your sexual pleasure. It’s best to hire an escort from Chennai Queens and have some erotic moments together.